Our Story

Vege Garden Brand( hereinafter to be referred as Vegega) was founded in 2021. Though we just started online retail business in 2021, Vegega has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers by specializing in building modular raised garden beds and garden box out of Zn-Al-Mg steel. Zn-Al-Mg steel is a Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated steel sheet product that is more corrosion resistant than Aluzinc steel and is an excellent material for garden beds. We have been producing outdoor garden products to other companies since 2013. Thanks to our business growth and changes in business strategy, we moved to the retail services industry.

We’re a manufacturer, not a reseller. That’s to say, we can use our strengths to create high quality raised garden beds for our customers in an affordable price. As well, customers can expect fast and free free shipping thanks to our established local warehouse. Currently, we have already set up US warehouses, UK warehouse and EU warehouse.

To satisfy different customers’ need, Vegega has a variety of metal raised garden beds in numerous sizes, colors, shapes and specifications. We have a large collection of metal raised beds ranging from 8'' Tall Corrugated Metal Raised Garden Bed11" tall Metal Raised Garden Beds17'' Tall Corrugated Metal Raised Beds32'' Tall Corrugated Metal Raised Beds

Zn-Al-Mg steel material for raised garden beds has the following significant advantages:

  • Super corrosion resistance
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Easy to assemble
  • High tear resistance
  • Long-lasting and durable, up to 20+ years
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent heat dissipating
  • Less bending down
  • Safe and no soil contamination
  • Free from rust for years

Our research and development team and manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to be innovative, creative, and on the cutting edge for the benefit of our growing customer base. We will continue to introduce and develop other related garden products in the future. Currently, an automatic watering system powered by solar energy is being developed and we’re trying to find ways to make all of our packaging produced fully biodegradable.

To create a a natural, healthy and eco-friendly garden” is our brand concept. One of vegega top priorities is to serve its customers and to provide Zn-Al-Mg steel modular raised garden beds to our customers, help you build an appealing garden in an easy way and give you and your family a happy gardening experience.

Here is a SketchUp 3D Design made by our